Formed in 2015 to avoid suburban insanity, Elba Lane’s journey started with a series of two-piece basement jams between lead vocal/guitarist Mitchell Smith and drummer Mitchell Blyth. The escapism of these early days centred on juicing up the existing solo material, but it wasn’t until bassist Kris Griffin and his rolling grooves were unleashed that the Elba sound truly matured.

From pretty singer/songwriter-lovely dovey to heavy guitars and driving drums – mmm how did this happen you say? Really, it’s no surprise where the Elbas have ended up, given the long-infused, musical marination flavoured by the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Placebo and pretty much every other 90s band that was awesome. You know what I mean.

And so, roused from dormancy within the eastern suburbs of Brisbane, a three-piece rock and blues groove monster has been born. And while these guys aren’t into the whole designer ripped jeans thing, they are dishing out their own brand of sweet 90s style in another way – through the music, man. The guitars sound like guitars! The drums sound like drums! Novel, I know. There’s crashing cymbals, fuzzy solos, smooth vocals and a sweet, sweet groove that’ll have you sinking ever deeper into that comfy couch as you contentedly nod along to the disappearing hours. So if you dig sittin’ around and soaking up the sweet melodious sounds of propulsive bass lines elegantly entwined with fuzzy guitar and a throwback sound that emphasises raw human vocals, these tunes could be for you.

The Elbas debut album ‘Arctic’ is out in May 2017.