Brisbane Band Elba Lane’s journey started in 2015 with a series of basement jams which rapidly culminated in the release of their ten track debut album ‘Arctic’  in May 2017.  The band learnt a lot from their first experience in the studio and overall the album was well received.

Arctic as reviewed by Music in my Muse: “This album strikes a great balance between heavy and laid-back, emotive and upbeat, grunge and shoegaze.  With a wonderful sense of space and natural sounding recording elements, Arctic creates a lovely listening atmosphere and lends itself to a true live sound.  There are some stand out musical moments of wailing fuzzy guitar solos, groovy bass licks, funky rock drumming and emotive pop/rock vocals. A must listen for all rock lovers.”

After a bunch of live shows it was back to the studio to record their second album ‘Destinations’ in 2018. The first single track off the album ‘Destination Outer Space’  plots a bold new course and paves the way for the more cohesive and powerful sound that showcases how far the band has come. The single stays true to Elba Lane’s core -big guitars, bass, drums and choruses – but with a maturity in song writing that permeates both the single and the album to come.

Those who find solace in music from the Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age will likely enjoy the guitar infused melodies, driving drums, fuzzy solos and introspective lyrics that Elba Lane provide. The band prescribes to the largely DIY recording attitude of the Near Enough Record label with both albums recorded through By the Living Grace Studios in East Brisbane.

The single ‘Destination Outer Space’ is out on all major digital platforms Friday 18th of January 2019.